Essay on Amerika Autobahn in Germany

Essay on Amerika Autobahn in Germany

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“Have you ever noticed how anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and everyone going faster than you is a maniac?” George Carlin once, jokingly asked. However, this is not the case for drivers on the famous highway systems in Germany. When you drive in Germany you can be“idiot” in the government’s eyes if you go too slowly, drive in the wrong lane or impede the flow of traffic. This distinction is not unique in Germany but is applicable on their federal highway system, aptly named the Autobahn. Rules regarding how anyone driving on the autobahn state that a driver must go a certain speed, or that driver becomes a public safety hazard, much like that of speeders in America. Many foreigners only hear how the autobahn has no speed limit and that is not necessarily true. There are in fact many areas that are speed limited and strictly enforced by the polizei and speed cameras integrated into the guard rail or surroundings. German drivers receive up to two years of very expensive and intensive training before driving within the country. In my opinion, I believe there should be an Autobahn-like system in America because it teaches future generations not only maturity, but also discipline and responsibility.
A little history on the autobahn before we move forward, construction of the Autobahn first began in 1929 to establish a national network of highways to move people, goods and services faster around the country.
The mayor of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer, dedicated the first completed length of the system, stretching roughly 18 miles from Cologne to Bonn in 1932. When the Nazis took over, they built a further 2,400 miles to move military personnel and goods; with an additional 1,550 miles under construction before World War...

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