Americas System Of Social Classes Essay

Americas System Of Social Classes Essay

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Americas system of social classes is divided in here group of classes, which are the rich, middle class and the poor. People are capable of fitting in one of these classes because America is a free country. In other words, if the dream is to reach to be someone in a high class they have to work for it, “but it’s possible”. It’s possible because as we all know, people from different countries come from to look for better opportunities. The fact that there’s different groups of people like the ones with a better income, educated and with better jobs doesn’t mean we don’t fit in them. As of right now I consider myself as the lower class because I don’t have a work and I only have the money I get from the government. There is mobility between classes it just depends on the person or families situation. Mostly all Americans have a middle class or a higher class. The ones that come from other countries look for growing economically so they are the ones that make the mobility possible.
So many people have been rich and go poor for not managing their money right, for example, the ones that win the lottery. They just think about spending, and at the end, they owe everything they have. That’s been a statement I’ve heard over years. Also, lower class or middle class people have accomplished their dream of being wealthy. I do believe that reaching that goal could happen with hard work. I fall into the middle class as American classes are concern, I have an American dream just like most people, when they think of changing their social class. My dad fits in the middle class, because he is buying a house and also he has raised a big family, 7 of us kids. I consider my dad as a perfect example of someone with an America dream, and that shows we ...

... middle of paper ... my dad because my dad says if people in a high class got where they are, because all the people with good incomes started at the bottom. That’s what motivates him to keep going till he accomplishes his goal.
There is mobility weather being caused by accident, effort or simply by growing up with money. We can all change our class life styles. It’s also true that a lot of people fail in the process to change their class, but trying and trying will get them somewhere in life. It’s also true that from being in a higher class can go down to a lower class. Now time has changed, some don’t care if we come from the lower class to middle or high class, they will accept us. In the other hand there is people that will never accept us simply because we weren’t born like they did. Even if people from a higher class say we can’t, I think everything is possible in this life.

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