Essay on American Traditions: The Reunion

Essay on American Traditions: The Reunion

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This paper examines American traditions, how they are established and preserved. Specifically, I discuss traditional gatherings known as family, class, and school reunions and review ways in which they are augmented by social networks. I remind the reader of the role reunions play in the perpetuation of memories and transference of collective knowledge. It is believed that attendance at family reunions had dwindled in the 90’s but is experiencing resurgence (Baxter, 2005); this is due in part, I believe, to social network sites like Facebook and MySpace. People are reencountering their past and making connections, both old and new.
Keywords: traditions, reunion, social networking

American Traditions: The Reunion
American traditions are established by our values and those values are reflected in the traditions we adhere to as families, carry throughout our lives and pass on to our children. We are a part of the American quilt; our families—each block or series of quilt blocks—are bound together by the things we hold in common. A quilt, unlike an afghan, is bound together by ties and knots and does not come unraveled; it is sewn together and when it becomes worn, it gets extra stitches, and it gets patched. The folds of the fabric become soft, comfortable, and inviting. Tradition is a place where our children are nurtured, learning the values they will need to become effective members of American society, on the laps and at the knees of generations that have come before. How unfortunate it is that family tradition sometimes tends to go by the wayside and we are quick to forget what an important part it plays. How do we as individuals carry on family traditions now?
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...he same, it is in the values we hold and that are passed from one family member to another and from one generation to another. As I pass traditions down and share them across my generation, I hope that my daughter and grandson will carry on the traditions that have been passed down to me. The true meaning of a family tradition is simple—family. Keep the traditions that keep love alive and family close.

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