American Traditions Of Living Changed Tremendously During The Era Of Good Feeling After The War Of 1812

American Traditions Of Living Changed Tremendously During The Era Of Good Feeling After The War Of 1812

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In the early to mid-19th century, the American traditions of living changed tremendously because of the improvements in transportation and communication and the industrialization associated with the market economy. The market economy transformation had a significant influence not only in the United States, but also around the world. The emergence of the market economy influenced the social, cultural, political, and economic fabric of the nation. On one hand, it influenced the North to continue to grow their cities and industries, but on the other, the South remained stubborn in their old ways of the plantation system and their dependence on slave labor. There were many innovations that helped strengthen the nation-state during the Era of Good Feeling after the War of 1812, but the advent of a new economic system also brought transformations in politics, race, and gender. In general, the market economy sparked a wide spread change from the barter system to the beginning of a consumer market.
The market economy was a revolution that emerged during Jefferson’s presidency in 1807. After the Louisiana Purchase in 1802, tension raised between the Americans and Britain. In order to enforce the importance of the United States, Jefferson created the Embargo Act of 1807 that stopped all imports of goods from Britain, France and other foreign countries from entering into the United States. This economic change did not happen instantly, but took a lot of time, trial and error before it thrived with success. For example, the effects on the States economy because of this act caused earnings and agricultural prices to fall, unemployment increased, and imports and exports declined. Britain and France, however, found other sources for their materi...

... middle of paper ... and alternative communities. Religious reforms and The Second Great Awakening helped initiate women right’s movements, and preach against slavery and intoxication. Transportation and communication advanced tremendously with the development of steamboats and railroads in the 1820’s. The creation of the Erie Canal is a big improvement to transportation and the economy because of the ability to trade at a lower cost and expand westward. However, in order to expand westward Natives were removed from their territories and Blacks were sold down south. Jackson’s powerful nature and creation of the Indian Removal Acts and the Democratic Party changed politics still in today’s society. In general, the advantages and disadvantages of the effects the market revolution had on society can be argued, but it is decisive that this change raised the emphasis on the value of money.

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