Essay on American Slavery And The United States

Essay on American Slavery And The United States

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Contrary to popular belief that the United States was founded on equality, freedom and apple pie, that is not exactly how the dice fell in our beloved country’s story. America was built on the promise of giving opportunities to some, while also depriving those same promised opportunities to others. Slavery grew from a group of exploited workers who had hopes for a better future, to becoming the foundation that shaped the United States. Through building an independent economy, establishing the American class system and pressuring the colonist to fight for their “rights”, slavery brought its original beginnings into the creation of America as an ideal and government. Though slavery is often a taboo subject avoided in popular culture, along with the familiar stories of our country that leave the harsh realities out of the picture, it is the largest phenomenon that shaped our economic, social and political foundation.
American slavery was essential to the start of the United States economy. African slaves were first introduced through the Atlantic slave trade, which brought the colonies into the bigger economic picture with countries of power. Slaves were a popular import that helped establish the steady colonist exports, such as tobacco. Slaves were so important to the colonist that they were willing to pay such a high price for them. Slaves were in high demand and were not the easiest thing to get, because of the rough “Middle Passage”, they faced across the ocean that often made the slaves become ill and die. It was through this passage that slaves learned their value economically and would stop working as a punishment to their masters or run away completely. Throughout the 1700’s slave owners would place ads in the newspapers in...

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...o count their slaves as a person to ultimately help protect their own “rights” to have slaves, whereas before they worked so hard to keep their slaves without rights. Slaves were the catalyst that the owners needed in order to defend what they felt was their economic independence.
Slavery was essential to the overall construction of the Americas ideology and the constitution. Though colonist were quick to act and defend what they saw as their own interest in freedom: westward expansion, trade, and natural rights, they were also quick to deny these “rights” to their slaves. The colonist were ready to fight for this freedom, however not everyone as entitled to their own slice of the “American Dream”. Despite the fact that, were it not for slaves in the colonies, the colonies could never have expanded to become its own successful country independent from the British.

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