Essay on The American Dream: An Essential Part of America

Essay on The American Dream: An Essential Part of America

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The American dream is about working hard for what you are trying to achieve. The American dream comes from our past clear down to today and with influences it becomes a superior ambition. Even though the dream grows more throughout time; the dream is stronger and it’s easier to achieve what you want to have in this nation as a dreamer.
The American dream has been discussed in literature for more than two centuries in our history. Way earlier in time before anything, our first used way of the American dream was not recognized, yet it was done by the first people in the Americas known as the Puritans. “From John Winthrop and the Puritan search for an earthly "city upon a hill" in the New World” (Meacham). This was the first lived American dream that was known to be an actual success even though they went through hard times in their journey and in their life in the “New World”. In 1929 the Great Depression was barely starting to show upon the people of America. “The Great Depression that was to endure for years to come, there was also a spirit of progress, of possibility,” (Meacham). This led to people even at an earlier time to see and know what the American aspiration was a new step toward a success. This led to other people important to our history to also give more knowledge on this dream.
In addition, the American dream kept going on further into the centuries of our history instead of going backwards, it was moving forward. The historian James Tuslow Adams was the first to attribute “the American dream” who wrote it in his book “The Epic of America” in 1931. He was a historian that was known for bringing up the terms “American dream” in his books meanwhile this became a popular term that is used throughout the history of Ame...

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