American Cities Of The 1900 ' S Essay

American Cities Of The 1900 ' S Essay

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American cities in the 1900’s were the prime place to be. Cities were clean, industries were booming and education was a priority. “The city, not the farm, had become the locus of national experience” (Chudacoff and Smith 255). Everyone wanted to live their dreams in the city until they shortly realized the cities became overpopulated, hectic, and stressful. Streets became filled with garbage from people littering, traffic is always a problem, and there is no where to relax and enjoy yourself without the stress of work. The suburbs became the place of relaxation. Where people who had jobs in the city took a vacation to their house in the suburbs. To bring American cities back to life, people should focus on the way suburbs construct their ways of living. The benefits of living in the suburbs consist of cleanliness, industry and jobs, privacy, and education. If American cities focus on the political, economic and environmental concerns people would appreciate the cities much more.
A concern of a city that affects more than just citizens would be cleanliness. When you have a city with a large population, along comes a large amount of pollution. The contaminated environment has many people rejecting the city. In the suburbs, people cherish the hygienic neighborhoods. No one has to worry about disease or illness passing around the overpopulated streets of a city. Disease can be spread not only from an over crowded street, but from contamination of water or infection in the air. Living in the suburbs you do not have to worry about too many people congested in one area. Levittowns made it easy for people to have convenient education, jobs and neighborhoods. “The appeal of living beyond the noise, pollution, overcrowding and disease of...

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...sful and polluted area that had very high unemployment rates. Cities did hit a low within the years they’ve been around, but they are starting to rise back to health. Zoning laws helped create cities that were more pleasing to be in. The cities had beautiful buildings that just needed to be restored over time. One million jobs were added to Chicago to help people find work and create a richer life for themselves. Although pollution was once very high and still is a problem, agencies are working to put more garbage cans and dumpsters around areas to help promote proper disposal and not littering. Livability was always a main goal for cities all around the world. Not only was pollution a main concern but people devoted to “education, nutrition, access to health care, energy conservation and other quality-of-life issues” (Hundley 279) are pushing to improve cities.

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