America 's Real Manufacturing Advantage Essay

America 's Real Manufacturing Advantage Essay

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American manufacture sector over the past few decades has been losing market shares to overseas companies due to lower labor and friendly or no environmental regulation.
I have selected to review the article by Helmuth Ludwig and Eric Spiegel “America’s Real Manufacturing Advantage”. The manufacturing sectors in United States has rebounded since 2007 by boosting outputs, increasing exports, building new plants, and creating better paying jobs that require precise skills. The mentally of United States primarily generating revenues through services and finance, without much of manufacturing industry is changing through sustainable manufacturing resurgence which is based on software technology and its profound effect on the entire manufacturing value chain (Ludwig & Spiegel, 2014).
The pace of change in global manufacturing is faster now than it ever was due to growing consumer demand for technology which is integrated into everyday life. American manufacturing is moving into new era of proficiency through software based production systems that are qualitatively different than in the past impacting all aspect of manufacturing such as the way companies address customer needs and wants, research and development, the product development and production process, and the platforms and footprints employed in execution, testing, and servicing (Ludwig & Spiegel, 2014).
The new era of virtual to real manufacturing is under way which will increase productivity, efficiency and innovation, speed-to-market, and flexibility, resulting in a powerful new cycle of growth and value creation. The advanced manufacturing facilities of today and tomorrow are clean and replete with robots, computers, lasers, and other ultramodern machine technologies f...

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...icated production processes, and the knowledge of how to work effectively in teams. Organization and university should have apprenticeship in research and development of next generation technology (Ludwig & Spiegel, 2014).
In conclusion, U.S. manufacturing has resurged in the today’s market due to low energy cost and comparable manufacturing cost to China. The key factors for companies to keep the competitive advantage for virtual to real manufacturing will be innovation, software and education. U.S. companies that take advantage of these changes across entire development and production process will set the tone that others will be forced to follow in order to compete. The U.S. historically are world leaders in software development and solid education infrastructure will continue to lead innovation in the new era of manufacturing (Ludwig & Spiegel, 2014).

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