The Importance Of Manufacturing Process In Manufacturing

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Manufacturing is the process of convert raw materials and components to finished goods to satisfy customers’ needs or what they expect.
In manufacturing process there are different steps and jobs needs to be done in specific ways and time such as sourcing the parts we need in the production, make the items, and shipping it for the customers.
In this report we want to know how process in manufacturing is done, what they consider in this manufacturing process and different organizations in production process.

Manufacturing process firms:
Customer order and decoupling point are what sets the inventory position in the production and tell them how they operate.
Types of firms in manufacturing process:
• Make to stock firms: serving
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It is commonly used for mass production like production of cars.

• Continuous process: production method which is similar to assembly line but the product flow continuously such as drugs, chemicals rather than discrete like cars. Facilities operated on continuous basis they may not shutdown (24 hours). There are some risks or wastes in these kind of production for example overproduction, waiting time, inventory and processing waste.

Considerations on manufacturing process:
• Manufacturing Execution: consistency on manufacturing throughput the cycle of production with different execution capabilities to ensure maximize production flexibility, improve execution process and increase efficiency of the plant by planning and management of inventory.

• Cost optimization: Determine the product costs by tracing detailed cost using analytical tools. To maximize profit by detect precise cost of products, optimize margins by inventory valuation.

• Production scheduling: create appropriate schedules for all the level on the organization, maximize of efficiency of
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The company consider one of fastest growing brand in the gulf region and highly trusted brand in UAE. They operate in modern and automated were they have machines are producing and doing the most of the production requirements. The factory operate according to the local authorities and international standards. AlAin company is part and one of Agthia group companies. The quality management system achieved internal and international quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). They consider the manufacturing process and their labs world class now after getting ISO 17025 for international laboratory standard.

AlAin Factory manufacturing process:

AlAin factory producing healthy and mineral water which provide the human body with all minerals needed. They manufacturing their PET bottles and cups at the plant but they source the packages. The factory consider the quality one of the highest objectives and to make sure they apply different tests to insure they serve and deliver fresh and natural water to their customers.

Types of
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