America 's Influence On Child Sexual Abuse Essay

America 's Influence On Child Sexual Abuse Essay

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According to Tabachnick (1997), Stop It Now! Vermont targeted adult sexual abusers, people at risk for abusing, friends and families of both groups and parents of adolescents with sexual behaviors. The program developed a confidential help-line where individuals can call and receive advice, as well as getting connected to the appropriate professional to get assistance. It used the media to reach out to the public to make them aware of how big this issue is and how many lives are affected by child sexual abuse. The program also let it be made known that is was acceptable to talk about your experience, so that it can benefit others that are struggling with the said problem and encourage them to open up and share their experiences as well. Stop it Now! Vermont spread the awareness by conducting radio talk shows, made signs, used the feature stories from victims, run campaigns and also had press releases (Tabachnick, 1997).
Tabachnick, (1997), indicated that these strategies were found to be effective in getting the word across to the different target groups. Individuals that shared their personal stories to draw people in, realize more victims were calling in to share their experience. Stop It Now! Vermont program also encourage individuals; especially family members to report child sexual abuse if it is occurring in their home, even if it is a family member. Families were thought to recognize different signs of child sexual abuse in each information session that the program held.
Research illustrated that the Stop It Now! Program staff dedicated almost two years to “developing a protocol to help abusers step forward into the legal system and seek help without threat of mandatory reporting and prosecution” (p. 3). Bec...

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... with sexual behaviors twice as much as they did in1995-1999(Tabachnick,Chasan-Taber & McMahon, 1997)
• In 1999, approximately 90 out of 100 Vermonters said that they will report child sexual abuse but when it was a suspected family member the percentage decrease by half (Tabachnick,Chasan-Taber & McMahon, 1997).
• Researchers indicated when the investigation on disclosure was done they found out that approximately 40 out of 100 individuals revealed when there were a child and approximately 70% of child abuse cases were never reported(Tabachnick,Chasan-Taber & McMahon, 1997)
• 60 out of 100 individuals were now aware where to refer someone sexual issues (Tabachnick,Chasan-Taber & McMahon, 1997)
The authors suggests that by the using the media it will target men more than women because “Men are less likely than women to notice information in the media (76.2% vs 86.9%)

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