America 's Common Core State Standards

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Forty-two states have adopted Common Core State Standards. These standards were created to focus only on English and Mathematics. In effect of states adopting Common Core Standards, all other subjects taught in school seemed less important. History and Science standards are no longer stressed. Students are limited to being proficient in only two subjects. The Common Core deprives students’ ability to be skilled in multiple areas. These standards do not provide a slight “break” from the challenging fast past teaching of English and Mathematics. In addition to limiting education to English and Mathematics, Jill Bowden explains that the Common Core is affecting kindergarteners by taking “away from materials that encourage playful learning.” (36). Simple, beneficial learning materials typically used in kindergarten classrooms are being replaced with workbooks and textbooks. These standards are not benefiting education; instead they suppress enjoyable learning that one could gain from free learning. Kindergarteners are too young for authoritative standards, and should be learning concepts appropriate for a child the age of five. These Common Core standards do not help further educational success. Bestor argues, “It is unrealistic to assume that the learning problems facing our young learners will be solved by simply redesigning curricula because that oversimplifies what students, parents, and teachers encounter in the daily delivery of instruction at all academic levels.” (22). Because Common Core State Standards are harming education, state legislators should eliminate the standards out of their curriculum. Classification of Audience The target audience for my research paper is state legislators, to persuade them to eliminate Comm... ... middle of paper ... ...ounger children. Kindergarten classrooms are adopting the Common Core State Standards, even though some of these five year olds will not be able to comprehend the material. Research Plan I will need to do further research on the results of the Common Core State Standards before I turn in my final paper. I need to research more on the states that are seeing improvements, along with states that are not benefiting, to further my argument. I am able to use some of my sources from the annotated bibliography I wrote, but overall, I will need to do further research and find more sources that agree with my claim that Common Core State Standards are negatively affecting the way students learn. I want to explore the way children learn, especially referring to Jean Piaget’s theory of children’s cognitive development, to reinforce my argument, referring to younger children.

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