The Disadvantages of Common Core State Standards

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Do you understand what the common core curriculum is? Why it has been implemented in the education system, or how it even works? The common core curriculum is a set of expectations set for grades kindergarten through 12th grade in all aspects of math, reading, and writing. This is a program that has been adopted by 46 states and started implementation here in Arkansas in 2010 (Pullmann, The). Like any education program, once something is learned, students are then tested on their knowledge of the subject. Common core has been put into place because the students of the United States of America are not as advanced in math, reading, or writing as they should be. These standards show where students should be at each grade level, and testing provided is supposed to be the tool to measure so. The new guidelines were put together by the National Governors Association NGA and the Council of Chief State School Officers CCSSO (Pullman, The). Unfortunately the common core state standards are merely a temporary distraction. Students have a wide array of educational needs and all aspects should be looked at, worked on, and corrected accordingly. To focus solely on math and English language arts creates a disadvantage to our youth. Understanding that these are subjects of high importance, our children are missing out on other learning fundamentals. The common core state standard creates extra pressure on teachers, puts our students at a true disadvantage, and removes parent involvement from our student’s education.

Teachers are our hidden gems. Although not treated as such, they are a resource that is overlooked and underappreciated. In my opinion, there are three types of teachers: The driven teacher with a passion to educate students, the...

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...repeat itself. With the new standards our children may take a test that seems confusing and they may even get a little discouraged by feeling that they have no knowledge over the subject when they truly do/ Is that what the common core was created for? To make our children feel defeated? My child recently told me that she no longer thought school was fun anymore. In my opinion all this common core standard has really done is emphasized testing and de-emphasized the actual learning part. The creators have taken the fun out of learning, and if they feel as though this is preparing students for future college endeavors, they may want to consider some alternative standards prior to the year 2020, before college enrollment is drastically reduced to almost nothing! That would be the year my daughter and most of the first students of the common core standards graduate.
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