Essay about America Is Not A True Democracy

Essay about America Is Not A True Democracy

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It is without a doubt that the United States of America is not a true democracy. By definition a democracy is a form of government by the people for the people, in which everyone is entitled to equality of rights and privileges. Never has a nation been able to truly withhold these political ideas, including the U.S.. Simple aspect such as economic values, references to religion, and the adaption of the common core have caused large separation between the people of the state and the leader of the state.
One major reason the United States is not capable of being a true democracy is the economic values the nation withholds; there has never been in equal distance between genders. Men have always had a higher pay rate than women. This stands true for people of all ages, races, and education levels. According to the American Association of University Women, or the AAUW, the pay gap between genders has barely budge in the last decade. Among full time workers, white women still receive only 78 percent of what men are payed for in an identical profession. This means that women would have to work, approximately, 60 days longer than the average man to reach an equal wage, for the previous year. The gab is even larger for African American women, earning 64 cents, and Latina women, earning 56 cents, to every dollar earned by a white man ("Understand the Basics"). In addition, the pay gap grows with age; most women under 35 receive 90 percent of what men under 35 receive, but after that median the average wage is dropped When women, who make up nearly half the workforce, bring home less money each day, it means they have less for the everyday needs of their families, and far less savings for retirement. Payment discrimination is a persistent ...

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... perform well on standard tests and push their school into a higher position in the nation (US News). This stress, has caused older, experienced teachers to leave their jobs and have now been replaced by new inexperienced teachers. There has also been increased teacher evaluations throughout the nation. In conclusion, the added stress and restrictions to a once enjoyable and rewarding jobs has caused many to leave their jobs, leaving a large teacher shortage throughout the nation.
It is clear that, simple aspect such as economic values, references to religion, and the adaption of the common core have caused large separation between the people of the state and the leader of the state. The United States cannot be classified as a true democracy because of the many flaws the political system has throughout the nation. One can only hope to improve the nation as a whole.

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