Ambition as a Virtue Essay

Ambition as a Virtue Essay

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As renowned Greek philosopher Heraclitus put it, “Big results require big ambitions” (Heraclitus). Ambition, the very thought of the word brings a dissatisfied taste in millions of people mouths. But why does this virtue have such a horrific label? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that ambition has inspired some of the world’s most powerful and influential human beings, whether from India or America, preacher or intellect, nun or slave, ambition has helped shape and reshape our planet and continues to build legacies, modern marvels, and motivate massive change. If you really think about it, ambition is a perfect combination of every virtue from determination to patience to kindness. So why do we continue to hold on to this imaginary idea that all ambition is selfish and unnecessary. We have to eradicate this idea and get back to the basics and realize that ambition is unselfish, necessary, and beneficial to every single man, woman, and child. Ambition is a fundamental virtue that has helped shape our culture, historical heroes, and even some of the world’s most dominating religions. We should take a good look at our history and realize that ambition is something we should aim to attain again.
First of all, ambition has helped inspire some of history’s most recognizable and cultivating figures. Ambition has provoked ordinary people to do extraordinary things that have left indelible marks on humanity. Fredrick Douglas went from being a slave to a powerful intellect, prominent abolitionist, and presidential advisor. Martin Luther King Jr. knew he was going to “turn this world upside down” long before he became a world famous leader (Farris 27). Even the dear Mother Teresa had to show ambition; Mother Teresa became an Ind...

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