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Amazing Grace Book Review

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Amazing Grace Book Review
My reaction to the book was very shocking. I like the book very much and thought it was very informative. It kept me at the edge of my seat wanting to read on and learn more. It was amazing to learn about how bad living conditions are in some neighborhoods. It was shocking to hear about some things that go on in neighborhoods like the Bronx and how people are treated. I don't understand how the government does not step in and help these people. They should not have to live like that.
What affected me most was knowing that when these people needed help they did not get it.

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If they went to the hospital, most of the time they had to wait for hours and they sometimes could not even receive help. It affected me so badly to know how many people are dying or ill because of sickness from that neighborhood. Most people living in that neighborhood will never have any chance in getting out of there and making a better life.
I connected with Mrs. Washington most. I felt for her very much so because of what she had gone through. Her whole life she had to deal with disappointment starting with her husband beating her than getting cancer and being poor. She had to raise her children in the poor neighborhood of the Bronx where she tried to make things good for them. Overall I just felt bad for Mrs. Washington, she seemed like a nice woman wanting to help others but she couldn't even help herself due to her illness from the poor living conditions she was put in.
Reading this book has changed me because it makes you realize how good your life really is. There are so many other people out there who have nothing. We take for granted everything we have, which others would die to have. All these people want is to live in a decent neighborhood that is not filled with disease, drugs and crime. We don't even think about how living like that we are we just go on living our lives for granted. I will now appreciate everything I have and not take anything for granted.
Ecosystems Perspective
An ecosystems perspective is a perspective that focuses on person and the environment. It takes into consideration their interactions and adaptations. Basically it focuses on the interaction of person and environment (Suppes & Wells, 2002). The person I choose to describe from and ecosystems perspective was Mrs. Washington. From an ecosystems perspective Mrs. Washington's outcome was not good. The wants and needs of Mrs. Washington, because she was ill, were not available to her due to the environment she was living in. Mrs. Washington tried to adapt to make the fit between her and the environment better by accepting her living conditions and trying to make them work. She also had many life stressors, such as losing her welfare and the support from the government to her housing on top of her illnesses.
Systems that affected her were the hospital system and the welfare system. The hospital system was supporting her in telling her she needs to be in the hospital because she is ill, but she does not want to go because the hospital is not very good. She always has to wait for hours, and clean the room herself. The welfare system was good for her because she received checks from them to get food and things she needed and they also paid her housing bills. It was good until there was a mistake and she lost her support and had to go get it fixed before she got kicked out of her apartment.
Political Perspectives
When people in New York are poor and look to the government for help they are helped, but are they really. Most people are given free housing and relocated to cities like the Bronx. These cities are not good and the living conditions are horrible. The people who live here feel like the government is just putting them there to hide them and forget about them. The residents think the government and other people do not care about them and would not care if they all disappeared. It seems like they don't want people to know what is going on and how bad things really are. Like in The Bronx how they have a nice painting that appears to be houses with windows looking in very nice on the sides of buildings that can be seen from the overpass of the highway. The people of the Bronx feel like they are doing this to make it look like it is nice for tourists but it really just degrades them because they can't really fix it nice for them like that. The government denies this and says that it is just a nice painting.
Residents of the Bronx are also given welfare checks. This helps the people very much but if there is an error in the computers you can loose your support and there can be a big problem. To be reinstated into the program you need a letter from your doctor, hospital and your social worker. This may seem simple but in that neighborhood it is not that easy. Although the government thinks they are helping they are really not.
Change Efforts
Working from the generalist perspective I would have to be able to asses Mrs. Washington's situation and try and help her in the best way that I can. I would have to use the strengths perspective to see what her strengths are and see what type of care would be better for her in her situation. I think in Mrs. Washington's case it would be best to work at the family level of intervention. Because Mrs. Washington is so ill and can not take care of herself anymore, her son has to help, it is no just her that needs help but her son to, and so family intervention would be good.
The strengths in this case are that Mrs. Washington is willing to receive help and wants help and that her son is willing to take care of her. The changes I strive to make would be to get Mrs. Washington into a good hospital or even a nursing home where she can receive the help she needs and also try and get her family out of the neighborhood they are living in.
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