Essay on Amand A Middle Class Latino Child Living With Her Siblings

Essay on Amand A Middle Class Latino Child Living With Her Siblings

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Amanda is a 7-year-old female who is a middle-class Hispanic child living with both parents and her three siblings. Amanda’s siblings include an older brother who is 10, a young brother who is 6, and a newborn sister who is 3 months old. Her father is a hardworking man who owns his own construction company and her mother is a stay at home mom. Currently her father is experiencing troubles with his construction business as the real estate market has decline therefore there is little work to be done. She is in the 2nd grade and enrolled full-time at her neighborhood elementary school. Amanda loves going to school and her favorite hobbies include: painting, learning to read, playing with her dolls, and hanging out with her newborn sister.
At school Amanda has very few friends, but the three friends she does have, she loves hanging around with them. Her parents do not let her go to her friends’ houses, participate in sleep overs, or stay at her afterschool program with them. As a young girl Amanda learned very quickly not to question her father’s motives as to why she cannot do these things and instead refrains from asking if she can participate. Amanda’s mother has always told her children to listen to their father and she often follows the lead of her husband without having a voice of her own. Amanda often seems scared of her father, but in the back of her mind always questions why her mother never stands up for herself or her children. Her father has her brothers involved with sports and is strict with their practicing and participation. Amanda has been told by her older brother he doesn’t want to be on football, but he does not dare tell his father. The children fear their father and their living situation, but do not tell anyon...

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...h and Families Department (CYFD). The report would be made for a general investigation on the alleged abuse to take place for the safety of Amanda and her family. The counselor then went on to review her ethical guidelines as a professional and what she should do and what is allowable for her to do. Two ethical guidelines spoke to her specifically, Fidelity and Responsibility and Justice. Fidelity and responsibility is in place for psychologists and counselors to consult with colleagues in a vague and professionally manner to see what should be done for the best interest of the client and in this case, that would-be Amanda. Second, justice establishes the right clients have through psychologists and what they should offer through their services. It is up to the helper to minimize the harm of their client and maximize the benefits offered to their client (APA, 2010).

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