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All That Glitters Is Not Gold Essay examples

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“All that glitters is not gold ” is a proverb that nearly everyone has heard in their lifetime. Many have probably heard it but have never known what it means. This proverb is saying that things may look great but it is not alway what it seems to be. This can be about many things all the way from a book to a person. Throughout one 's life there is usually a few times where they have had run in with an “All that glitters is not gold” moment. Some of these moments are drastic and others may not phase them one bit but, finding out that something is not what it seems is always slightly disappointing.
In the food industry they will do everything they can to make someone crave their food, especially when using television commercials. Nearly everyone has seen one of these food commercials or even a billboard with some sort of food being advertised on it. The food usually looks great and that is because, they must make their food look absolutely perfect. For example when seeing the ice cream commercials it’s hard not to wonder how the ice cream is not melting at all. As soon as the ice cream hits the bowl it usually starts to melt. Well it turns out that many ice cream companies actually use mashed potatoes to get that perfect scoop of ice cream that will never melt. They will add food coloring and other ingredients to make it resemble the actual ice cream. One of the worst things about the advertisements is when the fast food commercials are on and they have this perfect looking burger that has just the right amount of everything, then when going to the restaurant and actually getting the advertised burger it looks like it was thrown and usually ends up having too much lettuce and onion and far too little cheese. When creating this “...

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...wasn’t very happy with myself either I kept thinking “Why didn’t I look up more reviews for this phone?” All I knew was I could not wait to be able to upgrade again. Those two years took forever to go by and this time when I upgraded I made sure to do lots of research so I would not be stuck with a phone I hated, again.
Nowadays nothing is ever as it seems with the model that has all their imperfection taken away on every magazine, the burger that has been screwed onto the plate, and even the phone that was supposed looked great. The fact that everything in today 's world in this world is made to look ten times better that it actually is, is a tad scary. Is it event possible to trust anything you see or buy? “All that glitters is not gold” is a truth that is more frequent in today 's world and makes many wonder what else isn’t as good as what was initially thought.

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