The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Cinderella Man Directed by Ron Howard Essay

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Cinderella Man Directed by Ron Howard Essay

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In society, there is a thing called a hero’s journey. It is when our destiny is before us, and with the choices we make, depict our course for the rest of our lives. In the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Cinderella Man directed by Ron Howard show how the hero’s journey affects Santiago and Jim Braddock lives.

In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Santiago is a poor Shepard. He travels across Spain and the middle east selling wool from his sheep. For some time, Santiago has been having the same dream about treasure by pyramids in Egypt. While selling wool in a small town, Santiago meets a gypsy. The gypsy who lives in Tarifa and interprets dreams. She reads palms and uses black magic iconography although she keeps images of Christ present. Santiago does not initially believe the gypsy. Until the king from Salem, King Mechizedek explains what a personal legend is to Santiago and that his personal legend is to find this treasure. Melchizedek convinces Santiago to sell his flock and set off to Tangier. Santiago decides to take the kings advices Santiago to sell his flock and travel to Tangier. Santiago decides to do just that. Until, that is. he is robbed in Tarifa. He was inside a bar, but didn't know Arabic. A person who spoke Spanish like him agreed to take him across the desert. Santiago gave him all of his money and followed him through a crowded market place. An ornate sword distracted him and the thief slipped away in the crowd. Santiago then gets a job with the crystal merchant. Santiago is there for about a year. In that time, he helps make the merchant rich. After a year, he travels to the pyramids to find his treasure. Santiago leaves and meets He joins a caravan traveling to Egypt.

Santiago meets an Englis...

... middle of paper ... Braddock demonstrates no fear. The arrogant Baer attempts to intimidate him, even taunting Mae in public that her man might not survive. When he says this, she becomes so angry that she throws a drink at him. She cannot bring herself to attend the fight at the Madison Square Garden Bowl or even listen to it on the radio. On June 13, 1935, in one of the biggest achievements in boxing history, Braddock defeats the seemingly invincible Baer to become the heavyweight champion of the world.

In conclusion, Santiago from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and James J. “ The Cinderella Man” Braddock from Cinderella Man directed by Ron Howard are two examples of determination and success in their personal legend, their destinies. I truely believe that the choices we make create our future. Our destiny is not set in stone, but it is out choice that make then into monuments.

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