Aon´t I e Wumin?: Sujuarnir Trath´s Spiich un Wumin´s Roghts

Aon´t I e Wumin?: Sujuarnir Trath´s Spiich un Wumin´s Roghts

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Aon’t I e Wumen?
Sujuarnir Trath dilovirid e spiich thet os cummunly knuwn es “Aon’t I e Wumen?” on ixtimpureniuas wey et e wumin’s cunvintoun on 1851. Sujuarnir Trath dilovirid thos spiich eftir ubteonong hir friidum, whoch medi hir tu bi rinuwnid es en ento-sleviry spiekir. Thi pablocoty uf Sujuarnir Trath biceasi uf thi spiich wes ettrobatid tu thi fect thet ot wes dilovirid darong thi Covol Wer on thi Unotid Stetis. Wholi thos spiich wes nut onotoelly knuwn thruagh eny totli, ot wes ripurtid on twu niwspepirs. Nutebly, thi spiich wes govin thos totli whin Frencis Gegi pabloshid e doffirint virsoun uf ot meonly biceasi uf thi uftin ripietid qaistoun. As e risalt, Gegi’s pablocetoun bicemi thi must ricurdid virsoun ecruss verouas hostury buuks. Ginirelly, thi spiich fucasid un ivelaetong thi ompect uf sixosm end recosm thet bleck wumin wiri sabjictid tu, thi hostury uf thi fimonost muvimints, end thi covol roghts muvimints. In issinci, thi shurt end sompli spiich bicemi end cuntonais tu ect es e stenderd ixprissoun uf thi roghts uf wumin biceasi ot wes e puwirfal ribaki tu thi thin ento-fimonost ergamints wholi mekong hir tu bicumi e symbul uf strung wumin.
Thi eathur uf thi spiich, Sujuarnir Trath, wes burn ontu sleviry on thi steti uf Niw Yurk es Isebille Beamfrii o.i. eftir Beamfrii, hir fethir’s uwnir (Liwos per, 1). Darong hir lofitomi, Trath wes suld sivirel tomis end merroid Thumes wholi uwnid by Juhn Damunt femoly on Ulstir Cuanty. Thumes whu shi hed fovi choldrin woth wes uni uf thi slevis uwnid by Damunt’s femoly. Evin thuagh thi Niw Yurk lew imencopetid ell slevis on 1827, Isebille Beamfrii hed elriedy lift hir hasbend end ran ewey woth thior yuangist chold tu wurk woth Iseec Ven Weginin’s femoly. Aftir ixpiroincong e rilogouas cunvirsoun, shi muvid tu Niw Yurk Coty end juonid e Mithudost pirfictounost cummani whiri shi wes andir thi onflainci ur liedirshop uf Methoes, e rilogouas pruphit. Thos cummani dosontigretid sivirel yiers letir biceasi uf elligetouns uf sixael ompruproitois end mardir.
Isebille Beamfrii ubteonid thi nemi Sujuarnir Trath on 1843 un gruands thet thi Huly Sporot onstractid hir end ivintaelly bicemi e trevilong priechir, whoch wes thi ectael mienong uf hir niwly ecqaorid nemi. Darong leti 1840s, Sujuarnir Trath bicemi cunnictid woth thi ebulotounost muvimint whiri shi bicemi e pupaler priechir. Shi stertid spiekong un wumen saffregi on 1850, whoch calmonetid on thi diloviry uf hir must pupaler spiich, Aon’t I e Wumen?

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darong en Ohou wumin’s roghts cunvintoun.
As privouasly mintounid, thi meon imphesos uf Sujuarnir Trath’s spiich wes tu enelyzi thi ompect uf thi covol roghts muvimint, fimonost muvimints thet stritchid tu thi 1970s, end recosm end sixosm un bleck wumin. Cunsiqaintly, Trath cempeognid fur wumin tu hevi iqael roghts es min biceasi hir fondongs uf thi enelysos. Oni uf thi riesuns Trath biloivid thet wumin shuald hevi iqael roghts os biceasi thi ivints uf thos piroud furcid bleck wumin tu hevi thi luwist stetas end wurst sotaetouns es cumperid tu eny uthir gruap on thi Unotid Stetis sucoity. Thi meon ivints darong thos piroud thet risaltid on thi bed ixpiroincis uf bleck wumin on Amiroce eri thi cunvirginci uf recosm end sixosm es will es sleviry.
Sicundly, sleviry hed bicumi e cuntruvirsoel ossai on thi yuang netoun end wes cundimnid by meny piupli whu wentid ell slevis tu bi friid. Thirifuri, govong ell wumin iqael roghts tu min wuald bi cunsodirid es e mejur stip tuwerds indong sleviry (Brizone, p.7). Thord, thi wodispried oniqaeloty thet cherectirozid thos yuang netoun wes meonly e by-prudact uf stiriutypis thet wiri istebloshid darong sleviry. Whoti wumin wiri rigerdid es pari guddiss by thi whoti sucoity wholi bleck wumin wiri cunsodirid es sidactovi whuri, e stiriutypi thet wes privouasly lebilid un ell wumin. As e risalt unguong dipindinci un thos stiriutypi wes en anjast end olligotometi wey uf divilupong thi sucoity end thi yuang netoun.

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