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Agriculture and Urbanization Essays

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Mark Luccarilli gives a concise review of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods that is published in Issue No. 5 in autumn of 1999. Throughout his review he mentions many times that Benton MacKaye’s original ideas for the Appalachian Trail have not been implemented and that the trail itself could be considered a failure by MacKaye’s terms. Luccarilli acknowledges the fact that the United States, as a whole has failed to create a middle ground incorporating agriculture and nature, and he also explicitly states that, “The notion of a pastoral city may strike us as utopian folly at its height” (Luccarilli 2). I strongly disagree with the notion that pastoral cities are folly, as it has been shown throughout history that urbanization and agriculture can come together to find a happy medium.
Garden cities, otherwise known as pastoral cities, involve a combination of agriculture and urbanization. Often, it will be in the form of farmland spread throughout the city or on individual property. Having agriculture spread throughout civic centers can provide easy access to organic foods and it can help to reduce the stress of the residents in the city. They could literally step outside and take a breath of fresh air.
There is much evidence for the existence of garden cities throughout history. For example, the city if Xuch in the Mayan empire combined agriculture and residential activities. Citizens would often have small gardens of their own, and there would be larger garden areas spread out between neighborhoods. The Mayans would often intentionally or unintentionally leave organic matter in their gardens, and the decomposing matter would act as a fertilizer. As a result, archaeologists have found evidence of high phosphate conc...

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...ion and beauty aren’t the only impacts garden cities can have on the environment. Climate change is largely caused by excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the plants and trees that would exist within a garden city could lower the amount of carbon dioxide and produce more of the oxygen necessary for survival.

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