Essay about Aggression Behavior And Human Behavior

Essay about Aggression Behavior And Human Behavior

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Aggression behavior is important behavior because it helps both humans and non-humans primates survive in their daily basis life. Aggression behavior causes emotionally or physically damage to others. It can be considered aggressive behavior through physical abuse to verbal abuse. This behavior helps humans as well as non-humans primates defend for themselves and showing an aggressive behavior makes others sense that they are not an easy target. It creates fear and in order to survive both parties need to be tough. Aggression behavior is a learned behavior and it can be a natural behavior as well due to the genes. Humans and nonhuman primates learn aggression behavior as well they show it when it comes to social status.
Researchers states that “human aggression is a naturally evolved phenomenon we have in common with nonhuman primates, the difference between human and nonhuman primates aggression it comes down to the complexity of the emotion driving it” (Heather Whipps, 2009). Aggression is an evolved behavior and humans tend to show their aggression side when their feeling emotions of rage and anger. Aggression is a behavior indented to hurt someone or something physically or emotionally. Aggression in humans can be caused by different reasons. Wanting to get revenge on someone who hurt them can be a caused as well as when they are being under attack. Researches state that bullies are aggressive due to the abuse they receive at home which makes those people become angry and want to take their anger out on the weak. Trainor mentions that behaviors like aggression evolved in ways of adaptations in order to deal with competition, but sometimes when they are expressed out of their context they seem to have some kind of consequences...

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... than others. The lowers will always show an aggressive behavior because nobody likes to be on the bottom and they will fight with violence in order to go up. In the nonhuman primates they seem to be aggressive but not as aggressive as the humans are.
Aggression is a learned behavior followed by the genes because primates as well as humans learn all these kind of behaviors through their parents and through the circumstances in which they are in. The nonhuman primates have to learn to be aggressive in order to survive out in the wild, if they do not learn to be aggressive they will be an easy target for others to attack. In the human society it is also a learned behavior in order to survive everyday basis. There is a lot of shootings, death, bullying going around so in order to survive they need to be aggressive and let others know they are not the ones to come for.

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