The Age Of Teeth Falling Out Essay

The Age Of Teeth Falling Out Essay

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Imagine waking up early to get ready after weeks of rehearsals and spray tans, hours and hundreds of dollars spent on a short, sparkling dresses, heels, and at times revealing outfits. Kids are seated for hours to do hair and makeup, and last minute preparations; parents make sure they do not become impatient so, they hand their child a juice box to calm them down. However, this isn’t helpful for a 5 year old being forced to participate in pageants in order to make her parents happy and boastful that their child has won the “Grand Title”. Some parents, in order to win these prizes, have to hide their childrens’ imperfections with heavy make-up, spray tans, and flippers (fake teeth) to make judges see them as a flawless. Parents have entered their children into these activities before the age of one!
This isn’t the life of a child, this should be the age of teeth falling out, having messy hair, and running and getting as dirty as can be with no care. Sadly, these kids may never have the joy of experiencing a “normal childhood.” There are parents that will do anything to ensure that their children will be safe, sometimes to the point of being overprotective. Unlike those parents, some will allow kids to have hair spray, makeup and tans on their developing bodies. Why is it okay to allow toddlers into the pageant world and sexualizing their bodies by making them wear short dresses and heels? Allowing their children to be judged based on their looks, parents are opening their kids up to low self-esteem. This may later lead to mental health problems. In addition to this, pageants are unnecessarily expensive. Why would parents enter their children into these traumatizing events, when they could be with their kids outside playing and he...

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... on for one minute; Brenna has a mental breakdown and starts to scream at the TLC crew.
Are beauty contests a positive thing for young girls? Beauty pageants are a horrific way to “show off” your child. In society, there are countless young teens and girls that hate their bodies. To start off, a child in their early life should not know what is classified as “pretty or beautiful.” These pageants give young girls a sexualized look. Secondly, cost to participate in these events isn’t economical; this money could be spent towards their future college expenses. The last reason, pageants can cause many of these young girls to develop emotional and mental problems. This would affect their development in the future, these issues are just the surface of why these pageants are unrealistic and cause countless problems for the groups of girls participating in traumatic events.

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