Age Is Not The Cause Teen Pregnancy Essay

Age Is Not The Cause Teen Pregnancy Essay

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A lot of people believe that age is not the cause of teen pregnancy they believe that teen pregnancy is caused by the structure they live on and how they were raised and what kind of ethics they were taught. In all reality the parents are at fault by all mean’s for never sitting down with their child and talking to them about the dangers of having sex. Teen girls that never had the chance to sit down and converse with their parents about sex at a young age grow into a mindset where they do not want to invest time into themselves and grow as a person and better them self’s with further education those same teen girls begin to form a mindset that they want to be mothers and start thinking like one at an early age. Parents have a lot to do with teen pregnancy as said before, there absence from their lives creates a lot miss guidance and lack of support which usually makes them never bring up the sex topic with them either because they do not have enough trust within each other to talk about it. It’s completely understandable that parents live a super busy life but you still need to set some time apart for your child, to talk to them and ask how there doing and just keep up with their lives and what they like and what they get into during that time frame during their life.
Age and sex has obviously always been an issue within us teens and with the amount of teens getting pregnant every year of course it’s going to be an issue. When people see a teen girl pregnant they strongly think, “oh wow her parents didn’t teach her better.” But stop and think on how you were raised, your parents always told you right from wrong and guided you on the correct path and they always wanted the best for you and your siblings. I feel that teen pregnanc...

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... out here doing adult things while only being 15 and 16 years old, its mind blowing of what kind of things a child learns from going to school, watching TV, using the internet and just being out and about paying attention to other people around them.
I feel that after stressing to talk to your child about sex at an early stage in life, hopefully more parents start doing so that way teen pregnancy can be a thing of the past its also going to show the younger generation of kids of what not to do before being at least 24 years old. Pregnancy rates dropping within teens would be awesome as well because that would stop making America look like a sex party for 15 and 16 year olds I mean come on America all we got to do is talk to our kids about sex when they finally actually start to comprehend things and actually get the gist behind how things happen and why they happen.

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