After-School Programs: Guiding the Path of At-Risk Youth Essay examples

After-School Programs: Guiding the Path of At-Risk Youth Essay examples

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Today’s youth are facing serious critical risks leading to preventable crisis. There are many factors in their lives causing this downward spiral. Teens who have trouble managing the stresses of life are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, engage in criminal activity, are sexually promiscuous, and attempt suicide. Many of these at-risk teens become the next amber alert living on the streets or eventually behind the bars of a detention center. After-school programs are worthwhile to at-risk youth because they can improve their life chances by providing early prevention, intervention, and diversion.
It is troublesome for impoverished and dysfunctional families to raise children with the skills needed to be a contributing member of society. A large challenge is being able to provide a nourishing environment for adolescents so they can be hopeful about their futures. After-school programs are extremely important to the success of at-risk youth. Statistics provided by Stinson disclose that, “A report issued by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network shows that “in 2002 the Department of Justice reported that the violent crime rate for adolescents ages 16 to 19 was over twice the rate for people ages 25 to 34 and three times the rate for adults ages 35 to 49” (11). In order for teens to create better lives for themselves, adults must support and guide them into believing their future holds many possibilities and obtainable goals.
One of the many benefits at-risk youth receive by attending an after-school program is the ability to build strong connections between themselves and their communities. They can focus on their strengths rather than their deficits and build opportunities that nurture development. This enables them to ...

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...xploration. This is especially true for those who live where capitals may be limited. The nation will only suffer if its youth do not obtain equal opportunities to succeed. Thus, the United States needs to continue to fund these programs.

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