Essay on Africa's Health Care Crisis

Essay on Africa's Health Care Crisis

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The residents of Africa are suffering from preventable, treatable, and fatal diseases everyday at a higher rate compared to developed countries. The healthcare crisis in Africa is the primary cause of all these deaths, and includes inefficient healthcare systems. Consequently, African's inefficient healthcare systems results in poor delivery of care and a shortage of health professionals. The healthcare crisis in Africa is a current issue impacting the lives of many African's who don't have the same access to resources as developed countries such as the United States. These resources can save the lives of many African's dying of preventable and curable disease, and understanding why the African continent has little access to them should be interesting. In the following paragraphs the information will answer who is affected by Africa's healthcare crisis, what government programs or agencies impacted Africa's healthcare system, why there is a shortage of nurses, and how this issue has been addressed.
The healthcare crisis in Africa is a prominent issue that affects all of Africa's residents in some way. The crisis affects African's because preventable diseases and poor living sanitation causes them to have low life expectancy. The high rate of preventable diseases being transmitted throughout the population includes tuberculosis, STI's, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. The issue of healthcare in Africa affects all of the poor people who have limited access to treatment, supplies, healthcare professionals, health facilities, or education. The healthcare system in Africa is inefficient in poor areas and an example includes living in unsanitary, poverty stricken areas that results in malnutrition, infections or viruses, death, and an ...

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...o Africa, infant mortality was 2.7% in the white population and 20% in the black, also, life expectancy of white Africans was 70 while it was 55 for black (Kons, 2008). In 1994, the government changed from apartheid to democracy, the inequalities of blacks and whites remained the same, and the healthcare improved some. The shortage of health care professionals is shown in this paragraph and is a problem impacting the poor people of Africa in negative ways..
Medicine people in Africa were highly regarded for their healing abilities (Khapoya, 37). With Africa's shortage of healthcare professionals in public health systems, the ability to heal the sick and injured is not possible. There needs to be a variety of health workers specialized in different aspects of healthcare to promote wellness, treat disease and injury, and prevent disease and injury from occurring.

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