The African American Discrimination Is A Despicable Part Of The United States ' Past

The African American Discrimination Is A Despicable Part Of The United States ' Past

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The history of African American discrimination is a despicable part of the United States’ past. Inequality among Black Americans prompts these individuals to overcome the hardships. This endurance is valued by African Americans and people all around the world. However, the ability to strive and maintain positivity in a difficult or prejudiced situation proves to be tremendously challenging. When people give up in tough times, they deny their opportunity to succeed and grow stronger. This paper examines the techniques that manifest the struggles of racism and the importance of conquering obstacles in the following poems: Dream Deferred, I, Too and Mother to Son.

Struggles of Racism: The Importance of Overcoming Hardships
The former experiences of African American injustices are shameful American events. Unfair treatment triggers Black Americans to prevail in the company of drawbacks, but the ability to maintain faith in demanding or racist circumstances requires great persistence. This essay discloses the techniques that demonstrate the adversities of prejudiced opinions and the significance of rising above hindrances in Dream Deferred, I, Too and Mother to Son.
Hughes utilizes similes in Dream Deferred to express the frustration of being rejected civil rights. The comparison of rotten meat to the postponed dream reflects decaying hope. The meat’s smell becomes apparent when it expires. This is a representation of the dream that is not realized in time. The delayed ambition refers to the view that all men are equal. The aspiration is crumbled each time an African American is deprived of privileges. Hughes (2007) stated: “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it stink like rotten meat” (p. 994).
Dream Deferred high...

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...air conveys an unrealistic life that is luxurious and easy. The depiction of a stair displays how life is filled with hardships. Hughes (2007) stated: “It’s had tacks in it, and splinters, and boards torn up, and places with no carpet on the floor- bare” (p. 995).
The poem presents the importance of not backing down when surrounded by harsh conditions. The parent believes that this is an especially beneficial characteristic. She is convinced that the ability to never give up can direct African Americans to a better future. Explanation of: "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes (2007) explained: “The speaker suggests that her endurance and struggle are necessary to progress toward racial justice and maintain spiritual hope and faith” (p. NA).
In conclusion, both poems by Hughes display the difficulties of racism and the noteworthiness of surmounting above misfortunes.

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