Africa Is The World 's Poorest Inhabited Continent Essay

Africa Is The World 's Poorest Inhabited Continent Essay

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Africa is the world’s poorest inhabited continent, with more than one third of its residents living on less than a comparative US dollar per day. Africa is often stereotyped as poor, overpopulated, and uncivilized. Africa is commonly interpreted as one united land mass rather than multiple independent nations. Africa’s limited use of technology, agriculture and market based economy, and independent self-governing prior to independence have made gathering data on the continent difficult. Africa as a whole has little data collected about its past and as a result many studies conducted and published refer to the continent as a whole rather than referring to individual nations.
Around the time of the First World War Europeans began to set their eyes on the land abundant and resource dense continent just south of them. During the 1900s Britain embarked on a mission to colonize much of Sub-Saharan Africa, practicing indirect rule over their colonies. Indirect rule was a method in which Britain used existing tribal structures in Africa to rule through their pre-existing chiefs. Britain invaded the continent through indirect rule with a promise of development with no regard to existing ethnic differences and began to exploit the continent’s natural resources to fuel Europe’s industrial revolution through raw materials and manpower invested in their colonies. Britain’s colonization of Sub-Saharan Africa, through indirect rule, is liable for lasting economic dependence following independence of African nations.
Britain infringed upon Sub-Saharan Africa with a mission of civilization. Africa is misrepresented as diseased, overpopulated, crime driven, uncivilized, savaged, and superstitious (Bond, 2006). This led to the creation of a term...

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...n of internal issues within each nation increased its own power allowing them to extend their power into exploiting the continents natural resources.
The Britain desired the abundant natural resources to fuel their industrial revolution. The British exploited Sub-Saharan Africa’s abundant land and vast natural resources to fuel Europe’s own economy (Alemazung, 2010). Britain’s exploitation of valuable raw materials extended beyond the immediate effects of losing crops and raw materials such as palm oil, red rubber or crude oil to feed its own economy; but it flipped Africa’s economy to an enclave economy. This forced Africa to rely on exportation of raw materials to provide enough for their nations to live off of. It completely changed the dynamic of Africa’s economy from being self-sufficient and agricultural based to barely surviving by exporting raw materials.

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