Essay on The Afar Culture

Essay on The Afar Culture

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There are more than 6.5 billion people in the world. It is not known how many cultures are within all of those people. This is due to the fact, that some cultures are not distinct enough to be seen as different cultures by outsiders. Also, so many people are traveling and moving away from their original culture, that it is hard to tell who is a part of a culture and who is not. Cultures have similarities and differences. Many cultures cannot communicate with other cultures because they speak different languages. Linguists, which are people who study natural language, estimate that there are 5,000-6,000 languages spoken among the world's people. The earliest piece of evidence of the Afar culture existing was from the 13th century. The Afar culture is fierce and warlike, they survive on nomadic pastoralism, and have two social classes that are not that distinguishable.

The Afar culture is considered fierce and warlike, is a descendent from the Arabs, and is from an area in Djibouti and northeastern Ethiopia. The Afar is considered fierce and warlike. This is due to the fact that there is a long history of hostility between the Afar and groups surrounding them. The surrounding groups are from Ethiopia. The Afar claim descent from the Arabs. The other name for the Afar is “Danakil,” which was heard of in an Arab's writings. The name came from the Ankala tribe. They occupy a 143,000 square kilometer area of Djibouti and northeastern Ethiopia, sometimes called the Afar Triangle. The Eastern point of the triangle lies at the intersection of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The land the Afar live on is very barren, with a stone and sand dessert with salt lakes and lava streams. The culture is hostile, of Arab descen...

... middle of paper ... nomadic pastoralism, and by eating domestic and wild meat, dairy products, and some agricultural products that were stolen during trade. Men are assigned leadership roles and women are assigned tasks of finding wood and water, building nomadic huts, and weaving mats. A man and women can get married once the girl has reached the age of ten, and the boy has killed someone in a battle. After a couple gets married, they can choose to live near or with the wife's parents, or the husband's parents. The Afar have two classes, which today are not that distinguishable between each other. Tribes have disputes over the death of members of the tribes, and settle these disputes by blood repayment. Although they have a national government, they have independence due to being on state control. Every culture functions as a society differently, and lives differently.

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