Essay on The Advantages of Computers

Essay on The Advantages of Computers

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Over the last years, technology has been changed rapidly. It has influenced on people’s social life, business, and education, interact, communicate, work, and play. Thousands of devices have been developed recently that have influenced people’s activities and made their lives easier. Smart phones, tablets, cameras, and scanners are now acting as separate computer devices. An article published by Sandhyarani N. (2011) stated that "The present global age is the consequence of the computer age"(p.1). As a result, computers have become important machines used in every part and area of life today. Almost of our daily routines are designed and run by computers such as, cars, traffic signals, and medical equipment. Furthermore, the internet and computer users can read and send emails, read news, observe the stock prices, shop online, communicate, conduct electronic research, learn online, and construct an online business. Therefore, computers and the internet have become one of the critical sources for most people to get the recent knowledge. In addition, people have access to the most fashionable and sensitive electronic devices with lower cost due to the information technology development. However, there are some concerns about how the new innovation of technology will affect the social life in most developed countries and how the people will be forced to adapt with the changes made by this innovation. Consequently, computers and technology are considered as a double sided weapon which builds an argument and conflict among researchers and observers. Ever since the technology developed, there has been argument over whether computers benefit our lives or not. Brendan McGuigan (2014) said “the computer is one of the most powerful innovat...

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