Advantages and Disadvantages of the Options to Fix the Extra Lead Found in the Toys Headed for South America

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Options to Fix the Extra Lead Found in the Toys Headed for South America

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The quality assurance department manager sent a memo to me this tomorrow to notify us of the problem regarding our next shipment of the elementary toy collections to schools in South America. It was discovered that the metal whistle included in the toy has a small traces of lead, though the amount was small but it was still slightly above the U.S. legal acceptance. The cost to reproduce and repackage the toy is $100,000. Being the division manager, it is my duty to analyze the problem and write a memo to the CEO outlining the alternative ways to solve the issue along with the decision making process utilize to reach alternative options and how each option will affect the company legally, financially, ethically. The advantages and disadvantages of each option would be analyzed.
Decision making Process:
The decision making process involves evaluation of a problem, consideration of alternatives, selecting the best option from multiple alternatives and follow up with the necessary action (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013). To better understand and analyze the various alternatives to conquer the defective problem, a decision making model would be utilized. The first step would be identifying the problem to know exactly what the company is dealing with; second step would be gathering information to understand the cause and effect. The third step is identifying various options or alternative available to solve the problem and understanding the pros and con of each alternative. The fourth step is choosing the best option and the final step is implementing and evaluation to ensure proper implementation.
The decision making process would be utilized to analyze three different alternatives in the defective product. The first al...

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...nd policy to govern the company personal and business conduction, any violator of the code would be disciplined which could include termination and legal proceedings.
After analyzing the code of ethics from Netflix corporation, I will recommend that the toy company adopt a few of the codes. The company should have a code of ethics requiring every member to perform their duties in an ethical manner and refrain from fraud. Employees should be encouraged to discuss or report unethical activities or suspected misconduct to appropriate leadership. Finally, the company’s code of ethics must include compliance with all state and federal regulations and laws.
Doing this will allow the company to make an ethical decision whenever any dilemma happen in the company and it would allow to follow every federal and state regulations and laws to prevent liability and lawsuits.

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