Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

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Robots Alive
In today's society, robots come in different types and qualities, and robots’ use was mainly in the laboratories and factories; however, that has drastically changed where their uses are changing at a high speed. In addition to that, they have spread throughout the world. The main function of robots is to replace the work that people used to do, or perform tasks that man cannot. A robot is a mechanical or virtual device that uses a computer program, or electronic circuitry, to carry out its functions. In modern science, robotics refers to the study of robots is robotics, which deals with designing, constructing, operating, and using robots and computer systems for controlling and processing information and providing feedbacks. However, as much as robots replace human labor, individuals or organizations can use them in dangerous environments that might be harmful and beneficial to humans. Therefore, to understand the logic behind the creation of robots, one should learn the pros and cons of robotics, in the current society. This is because people are using this technology without having a deep understanding of its effects. However, an objective evaluation of the use of robots, in the modern society, shows that they have a positive influence on human beings, but if the robots were overused, it could lead to a negative side. which shows why human beings should use robots wisely that will result an improvement to their societies and own lives. Robots have become interactive equipment whereby they have become part of human life. In this regard, people use them directly or indirectly to enhance the quality of their lives. However, Sharkey argues that there are ethical issues that arise because of using robots to enhance hu...

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...ings to ignore. For example, they affect the manner in which the brain functions. Robots also affect the social life of people, in society, which has become an ethical issue among many researchers. On the right side, robots also offer security to families and companies and perform duties that are dangerous to human beings. In addition to that, robots are of benefit in the medical field especially to students with disabilities and those awaiting organ transplant procedures. This is where robots help them remain in touch with their friends. However, there are many security concerns in regard of robotic objects, especially when people use them in place of human interactions. However, the coming days may produce advanced robots with sensor-based, animated devices that use expressive sound, light, movement a screens to praise, encourage, advice and comfort human beings.

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