Adult Learning in an Online Environment Essay

Adult Learning in an Online Environment Essay

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As an adult learner in an online learning environment, a certain amount of readiness skills will be necessary. Various information shall be presented to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the online learning environment. This paper will identify the difference between the adult online learner and a traditional learner. The purpose of this research paper is to bring together statistics of the functionality of the adult learner within the online environment. The resources
Literacy, numeracy, and edified citizenry aptitudes join the groundwork upon which is built the well-rounded adult learner (Tomei, 2010). The adult as a learner is responsible for acquiring the erudition obligatory to function as a grown-up member of civilization (Tomei, 2010). Literacy encircles necessary permissive skills, helping the adult perform tasks required both in their quotidian lives and by their culled vocation (Tomei, 2013). {Starting here you should paraphrase from this point because you couldn't understand what you were saying} To provide them with a foundation to learn other skills to form lifelong learning and their ability to adapt to the world around them (Tomei, 2010). Numeracy refers to the ability to reason with numbers as well as embracing numerical concepts (Tomei, 2013). The value of an educated citizenry makes it possible for adults to thrive in the many diverse roles demanded of everyday life (Tomei, 2010). Many characteristics of adult learners lump them into the category of non-traditional student (Tews, 2013). First, many of these individuals have delayed entering for several years after graduating high school (Tews, 2013). The reasons for delay vary are based on student (Tews, 2013). They also often ...

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...kareva & Benson, 2007). This could be achieved by the assessment of employees’ self-

directed learning ability and information technology skills competency at the beginning of an

online course or program (Shinkareva & Benson, 2007). The assessment could be done, for

example, during an orientation module (Shinkareva & Benson, 2007). Then, based on this assessment, the

instruction could accommodate employees with different levels of SDL ability and IT

competency in learning IT for the course or program and promote the effective learning

strategies (Shinkareva & Benson, 2007). Particularly, the instruction could include optional

learning modules with activities that help adults to become more self-directed in learning while

improving their IT skills(Shinkareva & Benson, 2007).

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