Essay on Adult Female And Male Patients

Essay on Adult Female And Male Patients

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Population and Sample
In the study the populations and participants were clearly described as adult female and male patients which means 18 years of age and older. They did not include patients that cannot speak English, those who had a general anesthesia within 8 hours and those who have a Glasgow coma scale of <10. The method on how they chose their participants were very important to communicate with patient that does not speak English and because of anesthesia it may influence how the patient experience sleep, pain and anxiety that can cause inaccurate result. In the study the participants were selected through inclusion and exclusion criteria which basically demographic data such as age, gender and admitting diagnosis. After acquiring the right participants for the study the author did not determine any possible threat that can affect the result of the study.
Data Collection and Measurement
The data was collected in a very clear and orderly manner by using different scales such as the RCSQ or Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire. It was appropriate for the problem presented in the study because it evaluates perceived sleep depth, sleep latency, number of awakenings, efficiency and sleep quality. The validity and reliability was proven by having 0.90 reliability and 0.58 in validity using a polysomnography which is why it is considered as the gold standard and most useful in measuring sleep. The scale achieved the data it wanted by having patients rate sleep using point scale system of 0-10. The total scores ranged from 0-50 that indicates if there is an increase in the score there is also increased in sleep.
In the literature the intervention was clearly discussed which is the Quiet Time Protocol. It was adequa...

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...hin the hospital or even outside the medical field because it could help people to achieve a good sleeping pattern and decrease stress and anxiety they experience.
Summary Assessment
Even though there were significant limitation and challenges that the researchers encountered during the research, I would still considered that the study was a success or the data that was gathered was valid to address their research problem. The study still proves that patient and staff were satisfied with the QT protocol which indicates that it is possible to implement it regularly in the future. The study had contribute nurses and staff self-awareness which can be used in their practice, because by being aware they can easily identify factors that causes sleep deprivation and formulate a plan of intervention on how to reduce it that could lead to a positive outcome for the patient.

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