Essay about Adolf Hitler And The Prince

Essay about Adolf Hitler And The Prince

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“Adolf Hitler and The Prince”
The Prince gives sincere instructions on how to be a good ruler. One can learn that sometimes what seems to be the correct way to govern their country, is incorrect, and The Prince gives a better and more efficient way to rule as well as conquer other countries and defend himself. This book was not originally written in regards to Adolf Hitler, but its timeless principles applied to his rulings. The tips from Machiavelli and whether Adolf Hitler used these guidelines will be sought out through this analysis. Hitler kept The Prince on his night stand, so the evidence of its effect on him should be evident but still must be sought out.
The Prince elaborates on how to remain the prominent leader of your country. Meaning, to become powerful over other high-up leaders in your country, one must make sure that they do not gain power. Machiavelli has a specific quote about this, “He merely has to be careful that they do not acquire too much strength and authority; then he can easily, with his own forces and with the favor of the people, put down those who are powerful, so that he will become, in everything, the arbiter of that country” (Machiavelli, 13). Hitler did just this. Somehow, he managed to become so powerful and so much in control, that he could manipulate his allies and the Nazi regime to murder 6 million Jews, one third of the Jewish population (“Holocaust Theology”). Also, Hitler let the people under him fight because of his pick for who would go into each position which made his power even greater (“Adolf Hitler”)
Hitler worked his way to being the leader of Germany (“Adolf Hitler”). The book talks about how a man needs to work and put forth effort in order to keep his title for a long period...

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... and power.
Hitler, in his lifetime attempted to follow the instructions of The Prince and did pretty well. He was both loved and feared when one, sometimes, can seem to be lacking in a leader. He followed Machiavelli’s way of becoming a strong, long-lasting leader, and it was by gaining his position through effort. On top of that, he maintained his power by making sure others did not gain more than him. Also, Hitler managed to be defined by Machiavellian, which is the overall theme of the book. He did have a slight dissonance with the book. He used allies, meaning that people from other countries fought with him which The Prince warned against. Overall, Adolf Hitler will always be remembered as a strong leader, and The Prince will be remembered for guiding his impactful rule and serve as a guideline for all kings, presidents, dictators, and all forms of government.

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