Adolf Hitler And The Nazi World Essay

Adolf Hitler And The Nazi World Essay

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s told me this was good when I was four years old” but rather people grow up accepting, perhaps subconsciously, that there is an objective right and wrong that is bigger than their parental figures that enacts itself on them as well.
There are countless historical figures that, once having rejected their culture’s moral standards and the authority of their norms, have been labeled as heroes. There were officers in Nazi Germany who were bred and taught under the all-consuming regime of Hitler and yet still felt compelled to rebel. One such officer, Claus von Stauffenberg, was both a part of a German Scout association and a part of the German Youth movement as a child and teen. Despite complete saturation since youth in the Nazi world and ideals, this man went on to lead a failed attempt to kill Adolf Hitler and end the reign of the Nazis. If moral relativism were true, he would have accepted the Nazi’s propaganda and moral principles as the truth and Hitler may well have taken over the world. It would also follow that morality would have everything to do with which culture has the most power and is most willing to impose their belief systems upon other cultures. However, as was stated before, some morals are detrimental to societies and without the ability to criticize and change one’s society the foundations of the society will collapse and there will then be a tendency to rebuild the society with the same basic objective moral tenets that are proven to better give everyone the opportunity to become more fulfilled as people and groups.
If morals do not exist and we are all merely projecting our subconscious minds onto what are completely impartial surroundings, it is strange that there is a plethora of people who vehemently deny ...

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... all-encompassing control over what value systems he or she follows. This lack of control may not seem comforting to most people, but it is clear that every human, self-proclaimed moral relativist or no, in some ways holds him or herself to a set of standards outside what they may have been indoctrinated to believe. It can be seen in the cultures that have flourished historically similar moral principles that contribute to its growth and sustenance. Also important to note are the many people who, though adamant that there is no higher standard to which they set themselves, do not spend their lives committing felonies and stealing candy from babies. Therefore, looking at moral objectivity both from an empirical and intuitive point of view, it is clear that there are some standards that exist apart from our thoughts and beliefs as individuals and as cultures at large.

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