The Administrator, The Director And The Board Of Directors Essay

The Administrator, The Director And The Board Of Directors Essay

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The issue that caused the administrator to resign was a disagreement between the administrator, the director and the board of directors. The administrator wanted to release a few clients due to past due payments and the director disagreed with the decision. The director had evidence that the clients in question had paid all payments or only missed one payment. The disagreement between the administrator and director caused the director to reach out the board of directors to voice her opinion that the clients who the administrator wanted to release did not deserve it and the actions should be reconsidered. The board of directors held an emergency meeting. The director’s and administrator’s views were reviewed and the board decided to hold off on any actions until the client accounts could be verified. As part of the emergency meeting it was determined that the Learning Center was in dire straits financially. The Learning Center did not have enough money to pay the liability insurance and rent. The director’s action of notifying the board of directors about the release of clients and the decision at the subsequent emergency meeting lead the administrator to resign his position.
The administration of DCC Learning Center lacked a lot and I walked into a larger mess than anticipated. From the emergency board meeting, I understood there were financial issues and potential staff issues, but thought the bookkeeping aspect of the job was up to date and complete. I found out otherwise. The bookkeeping was a disaster and the highlight was that the entry of payments to DCC Learning Center was not completed accurately. According to Crevecoeur (1782), “…he must therefore entertain new ideas, and form new opinions” fits how I needed ...

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...were as follows:
1. All purchases outside of normal operation expenditures had to be approved by the board of directors.
2. The administrator and director will work together to handle any normal operating expenditures.
3. All decisions pertaining to the release of a client will be handled by the administrator and director.
4. Weekly financial, client and staff updates will be made to the board until the financial and staff issues have been resolved. Updates could be more frequent if an emergency or board of director’s decision must be made quickly.
5. Any staff changes must be approved by the board of directors.

Once the task list and boundaries were set, it was time to get into the weeds and get the Learning Center back on track. The board placed their trust in me to fix the issues that were identified by all parties and correct the finances in a timely manner.

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