Address Who Kanye West Is An Acronym For Getting Out Our Dreams Essay

Address Who Kanye West Is An Acronym For Getting Out Our Dreams Essay

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The group I would like to be apart of is G.O.O.D Music. G.O.O.D is an acronym for “Getting out our dreams.” This group is a recording label founded by Kanye West, who is also a music artists signed under G.O.O.D Music. They do have other music artists in the group such as, John Legend, Big Sean and Pusha T. Kanye west is actually the main reason why I would like to join the label. Throughout this paper I 'm going to address who Kanye West is, what I can learn from being in the group, and why I think I fit well with G.O.O.D Music.
Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 8, 1977. He left college to pursue a musical career, producing tracks for Jay-Z while polishing his demo. He released The College Dropout in 2004. It sold 2.6 million copies and won Best Rap Album. His follow-up releases have been equally successful and West has become a celebrity famous for his outrageous and entertaining statements. Kanye is also big on fashion, he has his own shoes called “The Yeezy’s” under Nike. Those so called outrageous statements are mentions of truth, bravery or just not caring what other people think. He is the type of person that say what others are thinking but the other does not say anything because they know it may come off wrong. One example is during the B.E.T awards, when Taylor Swift won female video of the year, then Kanye ran on stage and said “Beyoncé had that best video of all time.” I remember I was watching some interview of him and he said that the things he say gets perceived the wrong way but his intentions are always good.
That 's one reason why I think I would fit well with this group, because I think the same way as Kanye. I don 't care if you take it the wrong way or not but your going to hear what I ha...

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...o problems with in the group. I 'm assuming they left for their personal benefits because they didn 't say it was a specific reason they were leaving. The only reason I would leave G.O.O.D Music is because I have a better chance of getting more money elsewhere. If I was in the group before they left I could have learned a lot from Common because he does a huge amount of volunteering/Community service and giving back. From that I can get better at time management, how to budget finances, and moral standards.
Hanging out with Kanye West would be fun and entertaining because of his so called outburst. I can empathize with him and he can teach me a thing or two about fashion. Not only can he teach me something 's but others in the group can as well. If I was accepted into G.O.O.D Music I would have to get my rhymes right and I don 't think I would ever leave the group.

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