Essay on Addictive Personality Behavior

Essay on Addictive Personality Behavior

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By definition: “Any activity, substance, object, or behavior that has become the major focus of a person's life to the exclusion of other activities, or that has begun to harm the individual or others physically, mentally, or socially is considered an addictive behavior. “
A person can become addicted, dependent, or compulsively obsessed with anything. Research has implied similarities between physical addiction to various chemicals, such as alcohol and heroin, and psychological dependence on activities like gambling, sex, work, running, shopping, or eating disorders. The belief is that these behavioral activities can produce beta-endorphins in the brain, which makes the person feel high. If someone continues in the activity to get this feeling of well-being and euphoria, they may get into an addictive cycle. Doing this makes the person physically addicted to their own brain chemicals. This can lead to continuation of the behavior even though it may have negative health or social consequences.
There are many common characteristics among the various addictive behaviors:
• They constantly think of the object, activity, or substance.
• They will go out and look for, or take part in the behavior even though it is causing physical problems, poor work or study performance, problems with friends, family, fellow workers.
• They will compulsively do the activity over and over even if they do not want to and find it hard to stop.
• If they stop the activity, withdrawal symptoms often follow; including irritability, craving, restlessness or depression.
• They do not seem to have control of when, how long, or how much they will continue the behavior.
• They deny problems that result from their behavior, even though others c...

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...ious experience and not be taken over by it. It’s the addictive personality that gets hooked.
For someone with an addictive personality, any perceived gratifying habit can become an addiction. DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab notes as much as 15 percent of the U.S. population is suspected of having an addictive personality.
Signs that a person may be addicted to a certain behavior or interest, include:
• A decline in the quality of other areas of life, such as social interaction
• Restructuring of life around the addiction
• Lack of personal hygiene
• Excessive money spending on the addiction

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