`` Addiction Doesn 't Discriminate `` Essay

`` Addiction Doesn 't Discriminate `` Essay

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Sally Satel, the author of “Addiction Doesn 't Discriminate”, uses many examples of logistic “cause and effect” statements to further explain her hypothesis on addiction. Her essay reveals some truths, which people have chosen to ignore. Today, in such an advanced society compared to past generations, discrimination has become negative and cruel. Thus people have speeches, which preach, “Everyone is equal”. Satel’s essay and many others have come to show that we must acknowledge specific differences in people to help them. Satel wrote with three different fallacies; addiction offers rewards, addicts ignore exit signs, and addiction enjoys specific people.
Disguised as an accessory to success, addiction lurks in the shadows as an unwanted companion, a parasite. Rarely showing itself, the obsession begins to control a preferred target. “The culture of drink endures because it offers so many rewards”; a voice for the shy, tranquility for the anxious, strength for the wounded, light on melancholic days. Satel uses the relationship between humanities blinded need for success, and its weakness to drugs and/or alcohol. Her approach was well executed, as it expresses a reason why non-stereotypical users abuse their obsession. This addition to the essay also provides Satel with an improved message. Some who are addicted to the high of abuse become lost in their obsession.
They head the “signs and exit ramps all along the way…” and decide, “to be with other users, to cop drugs for friends, to allow themselves to become bored”. Satel shows “Addiction does indeed discriminate”. It attacks the rational mind of abusers and blinds them to side effects of their usage. The author helps to cultivate her essays message with this effective example...

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...ce because the author speaks of her findings with pride. Addiction does not care what society thinks, for it will choose its victims and it will also swallow others who do not fit obsession 's type. This author shows addiction’s attachment to special groups of people. In order to express her claims, Satel uses cause to express the situation and effect to show the result. Her effective use of cause and effect leaves the reader with a greater understanding in the subject of addiction’s desires. I found myself better informed and a bit persuaded, as this essay shows real situations and expresses the truths behind people’s addiction. Individuals are afraid to injure someone by making them feel at odds with the world. Sometimes when we make people fit into our customs they lose themselves and when they search for help only addiction is there to save them from depression.

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