Essay on The Acts Of A Friend

Essay on The Acts Of A Friend

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Acts of a Friend
Everyone in life develops at least one friendship in their lifetime, some stronger than others. In some cases a friend might ask for a favor that would be considered immoral. Cicero and Montaigne express their opinions toward this situation and how a true friend would act through the story of Blossius and Tiberius Gracchus. Both come to the same conclusion but they have different reasons as to why they hold that position.
The story of Blossius and Tiberius Gracchus is that Blossius is asked if he would burn down the capital for his friend Gracchus. He responds that he would do it for him if he had asked. Cicero and Montaigne may have different views of friendships, but they both came to the similar conclusion, that Blossius answer to Tiberius Gracchus query was a response as a friend. Both philosophers believe that as a friend, Blossius would be doing right by assisting Gracchus in burning the Capital, but morally he would do wrong, “Wrongdoing, then. Is not excused if it is committed for a sake of a friend; after all, the thing that brings friends together is their conviction of each other’s virtue’ it is hard to keep up a friendship, if one has deserted virtue’s camp” (Cicero 94). In the laws of a friend, Blossius said he would obeyed his promise of assisting his friend in a situation that Gracchus needed help in, but he would sacrificed his virtue by performing such a vile crime. This is true, because men should not ask favors from others that will make a negative impact on the virtue of the friendship, but according to Cicero, it could also affect the individual, “For it is not in accord with sound principle to refuse to undertake any honorable proposal or course of action, or having once undertaken any such ...

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...rall lost their virtue; The friend still has the ability to regain it. This in mind, you need to trust a friend to do the right thing and when you have such a good relationship with a person, there should not be doubt that in the end they will do no wrong, “It is not in the power of all the arguments in the world to dislodge me from the certainty I have of the intentions and judgements of my friend” (Montaigne, 194).
Both philosophers gave good reasoning for the way they feel about friendship and Gracchus and Blossius, even though they are slightly different. They both believe Blossius was a good friend but because he is willing to do such a deed as to burn down a capital, he is no longer a virtuous person.The difference is that Cicero focuses more on the virtue of the relationship while Montaigne targets the strength of the relationship between the two individuals.

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