Essay about Achieving Our Health Goals

Essay about Achieving Our Health Goals

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You 'll No Longer Feel Stuck with Your Health Goals If You Learn This Trick
Achieving our health goals can feel like a downright battle against our bodies. Even with all will in the world at the beginning, a lack of progress is a huge source of demotivation. Yet if we are to reach and surpass our health goals we are going to need to suck up all the motivation we can get along the way!
More often than not, this happens because you have set yourself up for failure from the start. By setting incredibly ambitious goals and deadlines is going to be an uphill struggle the whole way.
Instead of having one grand goal such as getting 6-pack abs, the trick is to break things down into smaller, highly actionable and achievable steps. From there, it’s simply a case of laying out a schedule, following it and adjusting as you progress.
Follow this 5 step process and you’ll never feel stuck achieving your health goals again!
1. Harness Your Desire for Good Health

Any person’s actions are based on fears and desires. Most of us don’t desire, we do things out of fear, hence leave things half done. Fear is a powerful motivator but it will not help you achieve greatness.

You’ve got to ignite your desire to become healthy and allow this fiery driving force to keep you on track. With the right mindset in place, you will absolutely guarantee your success.

2. Create SMART Goals

To set yourself up for success, your going to set smart goals that will fuel your motivation along the way. They should incorporate healthy eating and exercise habits. Remember to break things down into smaller steps, no more zero to hero!

Mention specifics and make them highly actionable. For example, these may include:

- Increase water intake to at least 4 liters per day...

... middle of paper ...

... sunny? Imagine how good you will feel!
What If You Fall Off?
As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to plan, but how to act in the moment is what leads to success. The best bet is to stick with an “if-then” strategy to mitigate setbacks. For example:
“If I’m going out of dinner with friends in the evening, I’ll have a light salad for lunch”.
We all need to let loose once in awhile, but remember to take control of the situation first.
Practice Over Goals
Your main focus should be on the practice and not the goal. Yes, we need to achieve the goal, but performing the daily habits are going to get you there!
If we do not exercise or diet correctly, you’re ultimately going to struggle and stall. Once you have programmed a desire of thought into your mind, the subconscious mind will do the rest. Trust that it will find the power needed to achieve your goals no matter what

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