Essay on Abraham Lincoln's Letter to Horace Greeley

Essay on Abraham Lincoln's Letter to Horace Greeley

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“I hope to stand firm enough to not go backward, but yet not go forward fast enough to wreck the country’s cause” ~ Abraham Lincoln (Abraham). Lincoln is considered to have been one of the greatest presidents the people of the United States of America have ever elected. There are several contributors to his success, many of which would not usually be considered helping factors but rather hindrances. Lincoln took these troubles and turned them to his advantage. Lincoln faced depression throughout his life, business and financial failures, unique friendships, a political environment leading to Civil War, and the final impact of the Civil War all with the image of what a leader should be.
All through his life, Lincoln struggled with melancholy, or what is commonly known as depression. Lincoln suffered two major depressive periods that have been recorded, both of which he was put on suicide watch. One was over the death of Ann Rutledge and the second has never been fully explained but many theories surround it. Ann Rutledge was a young woman who came from a family that owned a tavern. Lincoln met Ms. Rutledge, whom was already engaged to another man, when he boarded at her father’s inn (Simon). The two fell in love and had plans of marrying, but these plans were halted when Ann became sick with typhoid fever and soon after died in 1835 at the age of 22. Lincoln stayed by her side until she passed. During this time, Lincoln did not eat or sleep and many thought that his mind was going during this period of grief (Simon). Having to deal with the love of his life’s death, Lincoln fell into a deep depression and was placed on a suicide watch, in which the entire community continually kept watch over the young Lincoln. He finally came out...

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