Abraham Lincoln: The Reasons Why He Was a Great President Essay

Abraham Lincoln: The Reasons Why He Was a Great President Essay

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On October 26, 1864 Abraham Lincoln gave one of his most important speeches. He said, “Threats of breaking up the Union were freely made; and ablest public men of the day became seriously alarmed...” (Lewis 36). The sixteenth president of the United States has had a more substantial life than people thought. All around the country an impact had been made on all the residents there. This was made by one of the best presidents in history. Honest Abe was a wise man who affected the country and helped make the country what it is today. One of the states he resided in the most was Illinois. Abraham Lincoln made a political future for himself, kept the Union together, freed the slaves and created a new party for the United States that still exists today all while unknowingly becoming one of the most well known and historic presidents ever.
Seeing as Lincoln started at the state level in his politics he visited various cities. These cities included Galena, Galesburg, Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, Rock Island, Chicago, New Salem, and Decatur (Crowther). He first arrived in Galena in 1832, as a soldier. His first political and most famous visit was in 1856 when he campaigned for John Fremont. Fremont supported Lincoln’s senatorial campaigns and helped him with his political developments. In Galena, he was introduced to many people. One of these people was Elihu B. Washburne. Washburne was a fellow lawyer and politician. Washburne and Lincoln certainly became powerful political allies. Although Washburne helped him and was a good ally, his closest friend was actually Edward Baker. They even kept in touch when he moved on to other towns and cities (Abraham Lincoln in Galena). One of these towns he moved on to was a site of the mo...

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...coln urged the audience he was speaking to welcome the south back. He was not alive to see that happen. Four days later he was dead. He died early in the morning on April 15, 1865. John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in the back of the head at Ford's Theatre. They rushed him to the other side of the street to get him away from the crowd and provide first aid in a private setting. He died before he could help with the reconstruction of the United States of America (History.com).
Abraham Lincoln may not have completely reconstructed the United States of America but he certainly did set the project in motion. The people he left behind were willing to work together to create the nation that would end up being where many live today. With the abolition of slavery, the strong leadership and the honesty of it all Lincoln is undoubtedly one of the greatest presidents in history.

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