Essay on Abraham Lincoln : An American Icon

Essay on Abraham Lincoln : An American Icon

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He was a small town boy born in what was considered a slave state at the time. Abraham Lincoln was a man of many talents, from engineer to politician, from living in Kentucky to Illinois, he was able to see things from many different perspectives in his young life. Little did he know that some day he would use those past experiences to become a name that is still talked about today. Abraham, Abe, Lincoln, an American icon, started out as a young boy living in Illinois, and through his many years he learned how to create a mindset to help form the American country into the way it is today.
When Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Hodgenville, Kentucky, no one thought he would turn into the figure that he is today in the American society. In his early years he couldn’t always go to school because he had to help support his own family. After Lincoln’s first five years in Kentucky, his family moved to Indiana where he spent most of his teen years(“Abraham Lincoln”). In those years his mother died due to a sickness at that time called “Milk Sickness,” now it is known as Tremetol Poisoning, when he was just nine years old (Moy 55). It wasn’t until his family moved again to settle in the town of Springfield, Illinois when Lincoln started teaching himself law. He then had to take the bar examination, which tests to see if a person is competent to practice law or not, and so began Lincoln 's political career. (“Abraham Lincoln”).
Lincoln started his political career by running for the Illinois State Legislature and was later elected to serve. While being on the Illinois State Legislature Abraham gave a speech about opposing slavery. This was a very controversial topic at this time, so it was given a lot of attention, both g...

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...a line of soldiers, officials, and citizens that followed the hearse that was over a mile long. The passing of this leader brought up talk about what made Lincoln such a great leader. Once a woman stated, “I think Abraham Lincoln actually realized that unless you apply those principles to everybody, it’s a false promise. He understood the need to bring other minorities in”(Goodheart).
Abraham Lincoln was able to start out his life as a small town boy that could only go to school when he wasn’t try to provide for his family. He began his political career, as many presidents do, at the state level and slowly worked his way up to the presidential tier of politics, but unlike most presidents he was about to win the election against all odds and then become the staple of American culture by aiding in the changing of the mindset of that the citizen of the U.S. were used to.

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