Essay on Abortion : A Serious Moral Wrong

Essay on Abortion : A Serious Moral Wrong

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Marquis stresses the concept that abortion is equal to that of killing a fully adult human. He illustrates that because of the mindset that to abort a fetus, except in special scenarios, is a serious moral wrong. Marquis introduces the idea of the morality of abortion with identifying that typical arguments by anti-abortionists and pro-choice believers are weak and stubborn. Marquis explains that anti-abortionists praise the notion that fetuses exhibit adult behaviors, and the other hand, pro-choice argues that fetuses lack sorts of features that are necessary to be considered for insertion in moral society. (Insert Source Here) Both sides putting immense effort to argue in favor of an opinion that will clarify killing or murder so that It may support their own side to the topic. The major issue with these biased arguments is that the opinions are lacking, whether it be the anti-abortionists relying too broad, or the pro-choice is relying on too narrow principles.
Immanuel Kant, the philosopher, would illustrate to woman that one woman would have to will all women to have an abortion. If not all women were to say “yes,” then abortion cannot be moral. If a woman were to will every other woman to have an abortion, then eventually in one generation, humanity would become endangered and eventually extinct. By Kant’s reasoning, this makes abortion irrational and, therefore, immoral. Again, per Kant, abortion would be immoral because it would be irrational to will that every pregnant woman has an abortion. (Insert Source Here)

To identify the issue and issue his view on the morality, Marquis adopts a new strategy. The plan would be to recognize why murdering an adult human is morally wrong, and to try and adapt it to the argument of a...

... middle of paper ...

...elieves they do not deserve a right to life. However, Marquis believes that ether of these sides has enough basis to be followed. Just because a being does not fully understand or currently have value/ desire, it does not mean that the being is not valuable or desirable for. Finally, Marquis considers the objection of contraception, using pills such as ”morning after” pills, birth control, or other ways of preventing pregnancy. (Insert Source Here) If marquis theory were to be considered true, then contraception would be labeled as immoral. But, knowing that contraception is not fully considered to be immoral, then Marquis theory would be deemed incorrect. The only way Marquis could refute this objection is by arguing that nothing is presumptively wrong. Due to the earlier statement on his account, because no determinate is being deprived or losing a future of value.

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