The Abolition Of Slavery By President Lincoln Essay

The Abolition Of Slavery By President Lincoln Essay

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After the abolishment of Slavery by President Lincoln, previous slaves were now able to live their lives as free people but were still constantly faced with difficulties. The main cause of those difficulties were their white neighbors. While African-American were making their ways by earning leadership roles in their communities, they were constantly persecuted, lynched and senselessly killed by white American. White fear had become a pretense to retain their dominance over blacks and lynching and other violence was the most satisfying way of maintaining control . Not only were they continuously brought down by the physical abuse of the whites, they were also unfairly abused by their current court system run the whites. After years of repetitive abuse by the court system and its participants, the first civil rights organization was created, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP, originally called the National Negro Committee .
Founded in 1909 New York City by a group of bi-racial activists, the NAACP’S goal was to make whites aware of the need for racial equality and fight against Jim Crow Laws. They were also opposing Booker T. Washington’s views of urging African-Americans to accept segregation . Another goal of the NAACP was to challenge the Plessy v. Ferguson which legalized the “separate but equal” clause. The reason for their fight against this clause was that though, the courts had called for this ruling to be put in effect, the standards were not met. There was visible difference between the scholarly accommodations of African-Americans compared to that of whites. To help achieve justice in courts, the NAACP hired a man by the name of Thurgood Marshall who would later have a history chang...

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... of their days in jail because they were found guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
After generations of slavery and brutality, president Lincoln passed an amendment that would free the slaves; but just because they had finally become free does not mean the brutality they had previously endured would end. Repetitively persecuted, abused and unjustly represented in the court system, African-Americans sought to reform the way black people were treated by society. From their hope emerged the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP which would slowly but surely alter the previous usual outcomes o court cases involving blacks vs whites and later end segregation throughout schools in the US. To accomplish this, they started by hiring Thurgood Marshall. He will first tackle small county cases and later own flip the previous court system upside down.

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