Essay on Able Corporation Business Plan Report

Essay on Able Corporation Business Plan Report

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The Strategic Plan of Able Limited a subsidiary company of Walden International details goals for the next ten years. The plan also encompasses the strategies to achieve our initiative of breaking and leading in the global market and measures by which we will evaluate our progress. This plan is created in consideration of all our stakeholders. The plan will be updated yearly which will enable us to give account of our achievements, need for modification on new mission requirements and how to improve on our performance measurement ways.
Able Limited is a growth oriented company. The need for this strategic initiative is to formulate, implement and ramify our strategies on how to break into the global market and maintain a high proficiency in our operation. The ten-year strategies include attaining core targeted global markets, providing products with differential advantage and obtaining the best product branding position (Evens& Wurster, 1997)
Our Mission is to provide high quality and convinient services but the most important aspect is to achieve great customer satisfaction by incorporating a global marketing mix that will create us a global market niche. Our vision is to provide advanced technology, software and Information Technology (IT) services and communication with a competitive edge in order to be the managing and leading corporation in the global market. Our philosophy is to operate in high levels of integrity and transparency with our highly esteemed customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in a social productive manner. The five year strategic objectives entail how we are going to attain a steady growth and attain at least twenty five percent share of the global market, provision of information systems relate...

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... is exposing of our shortcomings regardless of effect on threat exposed as this will assure transparency to our clients.
In conclusion, successful strategic goal formulation and implementation is therefore important due to the dynamism nature of the business environment. In order for us to break into the global market in style we should act in line with the niches that we have identified in which we are sure to survive and prosper (Locks, 1989).

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