Essay on A Walking Tour of DC: Three “Fronts” of Change

Essay on A Walking Tour of DC: Three “Fronts” of Change

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Washington DC streets are structured in three different groups: streets that run east west are numerical, streets that run north south are alphabetical and streets that run diagonal are the states in America. When two diagonal streets intersect, a square or circle is formed. The areas observed in Washington DC appear to have a similar theme: the conflict between the modern and classic. Gentrification and modernism are two major themes that affect the neighborhoods in Washington DC. Three different developments exist: modern buildings, modern interior with a historical front and a historical building.
Mount Vernon Square is the first area observed in Washington DC. The square is located at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and New York Avenue. One important feature of this square is the City Museum Building. The City Museum Building is home to the Historical Society of Washington DC. This building was constructed in 1902 by Andrew Carnegie and was originally used as the District of Columbia Library. Currently it is a historic building under the National Registry of Historic Places and used to hold different exhibits. This building is rather special because of it being home for the Historical Society of DC, formerly known as the Columbia Historical Society.
One important building in this area is the Washington D.C Convention Center. This monumental building was completed in 2003 and is owned and operated out of the Washington Convention and Sports Authority (WCSA). This building is extremely modern and helped renew modernism of Washington DC. The building is compounded in a superblock of its own and located right near the Mount Vernon Square Metro Station. This building helped modernize DC and helped beautify the neigh...

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