Essay about A Visit At The Ryman Grand Ole Opry

Essay about A Visit At The Ryman Grand Ole Opry

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On Tuesday, November 10th my dad surprised me with a visit and tickets to the Ryman Grand Ole Opry. Growing up I always heard my mom talk about the Grand Ole Opry and I always wanted to see what it was like. Though it did not turn out to be much, 3 songs per artist, I enjoyed sitting back and listening to what the artists, both whom I knew and whom I didn’t, perform. On this date there were 7 performers to grace the stage that night for a live show that lasted for almost an hour and thirty minutes. In the end, I got to see two well known artists who i enjoy listening to, and even got surprised by knowing more songs than I thought I would have.
The overall basic concept was to take each performer and make their little 3 song show different from the last. I took note at the beginning that this was a live show, and that the lighting designers might not have known what each performer was planning on doing or singing. This required a great gut feeling for the music and being able to find a color scheme, probably pre-set ones, to match the basic concept, mood, and atmosphere for each song performed. Being a live show I did not judge too harshly about the little quick switch of the lights that happened every so often at the beginning of a couple songs, the designer came through and was able to match the concept of the songs performed.
First Artist, John Conlee, who did have a nice tone, was hard on the ears and I could not really understand what he was saying most of the time. With that being said I could not match the real theme of his songs to the color schemes being used for his performances. As for the blocking of his show, Mr. Conlee liked to walk around the floor of downstage and also shared it with a pretty big band, includin...

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...barn in background stood a nice warm contrasting color to also give that honkey tonk atmosphere. As for his second song, “International Harvester,” I felt like instead of putting up a cool scheme of purple and blues the designer should have switched a color or added a hue of green into the show either by the barn or on the stage.
Overall, I understood the show was live and probably just thrown the setlist a minute before the performer takes the stage. There at the end for the last two artists was where most of the moving lights were used since they were the rather pop country side of the genre. As for the old timey performers, the designer kept it simple with just some fade in and fade outs. Talking with my dad afterwards I pointed out a few of my observations and he kept saying how he didn’t notice it at all. Weird what I’m seeing now a days with my trained eyes.

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