The Effects of Television on Society

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The Effects of Television on Society

The question whether or not television has had a decisive influence on

everyday life and has helped change society, has been questioned by

sociologists and psychologists for many years now.

“T.V. determines what people think and what they do and thus controls

them psychologically and socially. It can make people think things

they would not otherwise think, and do things they would not otherwise

do.“(Srinati, 2000: 179)

This quote is an interesting one as it takes a skeptical view of the

effect of television on society, although it may not be completly

true, the invention of television and the mass media has become a

unique feature of modern society. The development of television has

accompanied an increase in the scale and complexity of social

activities, technology innovation, increased personal income and

standard of life, the decline of more traditional forms of control and

authority and a massive social change accross the world. Whether or

not any of these factors were solely or partly contributed to my

television is a matter of opinion, however there is an association

between the development of television and the mass media and social


The television is viewed as the most important media technology across

the world, it offers viewers entertainment, news, information etc.

However there are many people and parents who believe that television

is an "evil thing that rots the minds of youth." When television first

came out it was predicted that it would lead to children losing

interest in books and school, and make kids intellectually lazy, more

isolated and families woul...

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...s of this country.

“Television brings together cultural groups and raises a level of

group consciousness through a distinctive use of language and cultural

symbolism” (Ball-Roreach & Cantor, 1986, p. 38). All these things

would not have been possible without the invention of television. It

is through television medium where a wide range of cultural activities

can reach people in their homes. If television was not invented then

some social and cultural events might not have occurred, therefore

television can be seen as a medium in demonstrating social and

cultural significance in today’s society.

Overall I believe that television is seen by a majority of the viewing

public as a good source of education, entertainment and conversation,

which has helped the world become more tolerant, respectful and

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